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Am I allowed to bring alcohol on board my flights?

Alcoholic beverages in sealed bottles of up to 5 liters‚ with an alcohol volume of 24%-70%‚ are permitted in your checked luggage. Drinks with over 70% alcohol content are prohibited.  You’re not allowed to open or drink any alcohol on board.


Which items are restricted on board?

For the health and safety of all our passengers‚ some items are banned from our aircraft. Please check the list of Restricted items/Dangerous goods for detailed information about what you should leave at home.


Can I bring my own food on board?

Apart from baby milk‚ you are not permitted to consume your own food and drink during the flight. You may bring food in your luggage‚ although there are some restrictions on meat and fresh products‚ as well as liquids.


Are liquids allowed on board?

All liquids‚ gels and aerosols that are under 100ml are allowed in the aircraft cabin. Liquids over 100ml must be packed in your checked baggage and must comply with Restricted items/Dangerous goods policy.

Containers should be in a single‚ transparent‚ resealable plastic bag‚ which holds no more than a litre and measures around 20cm by 20cm. Contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed.


Can I bring liquid medication and baby milk on board?

You are allowed to bring baby milk‚ sterilized water‚ and baby food on board‚ if you are travelling with a baby or infant. You can also bring liquid medicines and other essential medication in your hand luggage‚ if you have a supporting prescription or note from your doctor. You can transport these items in ice packs‚ if necessary. Please contact us for more information on bringing medicines on board.


Am I allowed to take a laptop or iPad on board?

Laptops and iPads are allowed on board‚ either in your hand luggage or in your checked baggage. All electronic equipment must be switched off or in ‘flight mode’ for the duration of the flight.


Is smoking allowed on the flight?

All flights are strictly non-smoking.